Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Leaders Playing Dress Up

I've always been distrustful of presidents who like to play dress up in military costumes. So for you, my friends, I've assembled what I call Leaders Who Play Dress Up.
I guess they're right, great minds think alike.

Idi Amin

Benito Mussolini

Augusto Pinochet

Fidel Castro

Saddam Hussein

Adolf Hitler

Hugo Chavez

Chairman Mao Tze Tong

Mu'amar Qaddafi
The Decider


Steve B. said...

Interesting pictures... They all had a military background before running a nation, right?

I wonder which ones of them have killed another man during battle?

(Obviously not GW)

Interesting term you used though, "dress up"... Aren't/weren't they all considered the ultimate leader of their respective militaries?

I guess I would consider their suit and tie to be "dress up".

Greg said...

You can't possibly be that big of an idiot, can you? He flew that plane onto the flight deck of that carrier. To fly the plane, you have to wear a flight suit. You know, pressure, g-forces, regulations, etc.

There are good criticisms to be made of George Bush, but for some reasons the bozos want to concentrate on the silly things.

You make me laugh, Chimp.

CMC said...

I am not sure why people feel compelled to be rude on the web. Maybe they feel safe expressing things which they would not do in person. I like your collection of images and I think they amount to a nice illustration of the psychology of the second Bush Reich. That there are good criticisms to be made of Bush is clear. He leaves us with crippling debt, crippled soldiers and mourning families. We have more enemies today than we had in 2001. Peace and justice are needed in Palestine. We will have neither in 2009, smoke and mirrors notwithstanding. Employment and salaries are down. The health care system is still sliding towards a free fall. Opium production in Afghanistan is hitting new highs. Where ever you look: Mission Accomplished! The corporate media, though, deserve much of the credit.

Respectfully submitted.